Parrish Smith (Exec. Producer/Director)

A native of Newark, NJ, and Howard University graduate, Parrish Smith wears many hats… The award winning filmmaker is a Producer, Director, and a Director of Photography. He has produced & shot numerous feature films, documentaries, short films, commercials, and music videos, which have appeared on numerous networks, film festivals, and retail outlets.

A few of his broadcast and DVD credits include the award winning documentary, “The Scroll” series starring Bishop T.D Jakes, Rev. Al Sharpton, Bishop Noel Jones etc., which was acquired by UPtv and aired on Aspire, “Kingdom Comedy” featuring Rickey Smiley, which aired on TV ONE, “The Last Adam” starring Leonard Roberts and Anita Gillette, and “Nocturnal Agony” starring Lawrence Hilton Jacobs and Hezekiah Walker. In addition, Parrish has produced material for American Express, Gillette, Converse, MTV, L’Oreal, and Black Enterprise and has worked for UPN, BET, and Cablevision networks.

In a recent interview, Parrish described his passion for filmmaking by saying, “Being a visual communicator is what I am. I love the whole process… lighting, framing, collaboration, blocking, working with talent, etc. In order to be great, you must know every facet of the art form, every crew position, and respect every position equally.” Parrish Smith currently resides in New Jersey.

Leona D. Willis (Exec. Producer)

In the early 90’s Leona cut her teeth in the film industry working under such notable directors as James Cameron, Luis Mandoki, Robert Townsend, Ivan Reitman, Nora Ephron, Spike Lee, Wolfgang Peterson and Alan J. Pakula. Long days and nights on feature film sets in pre-production to post production prepared her for her inevitable transition into the very fast past world of music video production.

As a producer and production manager her impressive client roster included a wide range of artists- Wu Tang Clan’s GZA, Ghostface Killa, Method Man, Queen Latifah’s FATE and Rowdy Rahz, TLC’s T-Boz, and a host of artists from Arista, Geffen, Atlantic and Island Records to name a few. Additionally, Leona would go on to manage and produce a string of industrial videos and special events. After taking a very brief hiatus from the industry to work in financial services and non-profit development, Leona is excited to be re-entering the production game as the producer “The Scroll: Evidence of Life Unseen ”, an extraordinarily uplifting project.

Don Dodds (Producer)

Don Dodds is a serial entrepreneur, business development coach and investor. Dodds holds interests in a portfolio of companies in the financial, oil and gas, real estate, information technology and entertainment industries.

As a business coach he is committed to teaching, inspiring, influencing and motivating others to create their own success stories.

“The Scroll: Evidence of Life Unseen is one of the most incredible projects I’ve had an opportunity to be a part of. This film exemplifies leadership and teaches everyone what is possible through faith. This historic film, I believe, must be a part of everyone’s collection.” – Don Dodds

Derrick Williams (Co-Producer)

Born and raised in New Jersey, Derrick is an award winning producer in a variety of media.His work has been featured on various internet and television networks including Showtime, The Independent Film Channel, BET J, Sundance Channel and HBO.

Diverse in content, the wide range of styles that make up his body of work all bear one defining hallmark: the ability to change gears and uncover a fresh, creative vision for each new project he produces.



The Team