Finding our life’s purpose. Creating lasting relationships. Surviving tragedy. Releasing self-destructive thoughts. These are just some of the trials faced-and joyously overcome-in these heartfelt accounts that are as healing as they are unforgettable. Each tale features illustrative Bible verses, related parables, and transformative spiritual advice. A treasure for all time, The Scroll will hold you up through life’s unexpected challenges-and lead you to life’s greatest rewards.

Scrolls have always been considered sacred, filled with prophecy and direction. Now, America’s most beloved spiritual leaders share their own contemporary wisdom and vision through candid, uplifting, personal stories of       struggle, doubt, and ultimately, blessed understanding.     Featured in the award-winning documentary series The   Scroll, these modern-day prophets reveal more of             themselves, their journey, and their invaluable insights     than ever before.

A Self-Help book utilizing narratives from the spiritual leaders featured in The Scroll “Film” combined with solid applications for every day life.

     Price: $14.00 
A Self-Help book utilizing narratives from the spiritual leaders featured in
The Scroll “Film” combined with solid applications for every day life.



The Scroll “Book” contains many new narratives and testimonies not utilized in the film. The book is a great addition and aid to the award winning film.



The Scroll (Book)